Selling Test Strips 101

Some people have the misfortune of being diabetic and not being able to afford to buy test strips. The good news is that there are companies that buy surplus test strips then sell them cheaper to those who do not afford or give them free in certain cases. This is a win-win situation for both those selling test strip and the companies buying them. If you are the seller, you get some extra cash rather than let your extra test strips expire.
One of the most common questions frequently asked is if the process of selling test strips is legal. It is, as long as the strips are yours legally. This is to say that you are the rightful owner of the strips and they are not Government-bought. The test strips that are given by the government have a distinct red stripe on the box. It is a question of ethic; why sell something that you did not buy? The companies that buy test strips are required to be permitted by FDA to ensure that the consumers are protected. Learn more aboutĀ  cash for diabetic test strips, go here.

There are some thing s that you need to know before you sell your test strips. Make sure that these companies are registered and legit. This is in light of the many scammers that are out to rip off innocent sellers. One of the places you can check the credibility of the company through the business bureaus. This way you can know the kind of company you are dealing with before you commit yourself.

When you decide to sell your strips, you should make sure that they are quality. Make sure that the boxes are sealed, and the strips are not expired or damaged. The reason for this is that it will guarantee you pay for your strips from the company that buys them. When these companies receive the strips, they have to ascertain that they are in good condition before you receive your payment. Therefore, aim only to sell the best strips if you want to gain from the sale.
If you happen to have extra strips because they are more than you need, or you have been switched to another type by your doctor you should consider selling your strips. Not only will you be getting some extra money, but you will also be helping people with diabetes who are not able to buy their strips to get it at a highly subsidized price or for free. Take a look at this linkĀ for more information.